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Confronting nature’s challenges on America’s most corrosive island.

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AT&T—a world leader in communications media and entertainment and a Fortune 10 company—was experiencing trouble at its Galveston Island branch. One of the most corrosive areas in the country, Galveston Island posed a unique challenge: The continuous salt spray intrusions in the area were wreaking havoc on the coils in the HVAC units installed on the building. Uncoated, these coils would barely survive a few years before giving out completely.


AT&T turned to Coat Zone® company for help: They needed robust coils, quickly, to ride out the saline corrosion, and sustain their HVAC equipment for longer periods of time.


Following a detailed inspection of the area, the coils were coated with CoilSafe® coating compositions — Coat Zone® company proprietary thin-film, inorganic anti-corrosion coating. Initial surveys revealed that new rooftop units were to be installed on the roof of the corporate building—an area with constant exposure to salt sprays, situated near the Gulf of Mexico. This led us to take extra precaution while applying our corrosion-mitigating solution.


With CoilSafe® coating compositions, AT&T successfully interrupted the 3-4 year HVAC replacement cycle, and deferred the capital replacement cost. CoilSafe® coating compositions also helped reduce their energy consumption by 15%, saving resources and precious energy while adding to their bottom line.

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Eight years after the first HVAC coating was applied, we revisited the site for inspection. As expected, the coils were still pliable and in good condition. The fins remained flexible and free from oxidation. CoilSafe® coating compositions had once again proved its superior anti-corrosion and adhesion capabilities, thanks to its thin and inorganic film.