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Rice University

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Rice University is an exceptionally large multi building campus and has used the corrosion coating services of Coat Zone® company for many different HVAC projects on the campus.


Rice has multiple buildings which are scattered around the campus with rooftop package units that are not on the central HVAC plant. One of these buildings houses their engineers and project managers. This building has (5) 5-ton rooftop package units and during the summer they were experiencing high temperature failures 2 to 3 times per week. They turned to Coat Zone® company for solutions to help them solve this failure problem.


Coat Zone® company proposed a dual approach. First to clean and coat the condenser coils with CoilSafe® coating compositions and second to coat the exterior cabinets with ThermalBlock™ coating compositions. Rice issued a purchase order for the work and the units were coated 3 days later.


The high temperature failure problem was solved, and this building has experienced no failures in 6 years since the treatment. The HVAC supervisor called one month after the treatment and told us that he had to raise thermostats in the building and that had not happened in his 18-year career at the campus on that building. Even though energy savings was not the main problem they needed to solve they received the benefit of energy savings along with reduced failure rates and equipment life cycle extension.

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Since the installation, Rice has broken the frequent failure cycle of these systems and allowed their maintenance staff to focus on other projects on the campus, while reducing energy cost.