Jack in the Box – COAT ZONE

Case —

Jack in the Box

HVAC efficiency improvement trial in Temecula, CA.

Same industry — Verizon
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Project Specifications

The local coating team surveyed the site and found (3) existing 10-ton HVAC package units of average age and condition. The site also has (2) 2 1/5-ton refrigeration condensers.

Scope of Work

On September 13th, the coating team performed a thorough cleaning and coating with CoilSafe of all 5 condenser coils. They then coated all exterior cabinet surfaces with ThermalBlock.

Project Monitoring and Results

Jack in the Box management team continued to operate the facility at its normal capacity for the next 3 months and monitor the power bills from the utility provider.

The baseline bill from 7/21 to 8/20 showed a KWH usage of 25,602 KWH.

The utility bill from 8/22 to 9/20 showed a small reduction in KWH usage (25,240), as was expected since the application was done on 8/13 and had very little time to have an effect on the KWH usage.

The utility bill from 9/21 to 10/16 showed a substantial reduction in KWH usage (23,093), a reduction of 8.5%.
The utility bill from 10/20 to 11/20 showed an even higher reduction in KWH usage (22,967), a 10.3% reduction in usage.

The images show the weather in September and October, and as you will see, there was not a lot of difference in the temperature range in both months.

The chart clearly shows the steady trend of reduced KWH usage over the time period.

During warmer weather periods, it is expected that the percentage of KWH usage will continue to decrease.

Due to the rejection of solar thermal gain, provided by ThermalBlock.


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Conclusion and Financial Analysis

After analyzing the customers’ power bills, it was determined that their true cost of power with all fees and extra charges added in is $0.29 per KWH. The project is producing an average monthly savings of $622.00 per month. The complete project cost would have been $7,000.00.


This project will produce a 12-month ROI for the customer, well within the 2-year promised ROI goals. This meets and exceeds the customers’ goals to move forward with more projects.