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Kindred Hospital – San Antonio

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Kindred hospital in San Antonio is a four-story medical treatment facility, with a chilled water central plant and 5 air handlers on the roof.


The air handlers on the roof have approximately 5,000 lineal foot of exposed duct work running across the roof. The ducts had been insulated on the outside of the duct work and the insulation being exposed to weather had failed over time and was severely degraded and falling off the duct. As a result of the failed insulation, Kindred had a difficult time maintaining temperature in the building during peak cooling times and they had 14°F temperature loss on the supply air ducts. They turned to Coat Zone® company for solutions to help them solve this failure problem.


Coat Zone® company proposed removing the failed insulation, cleaning all the duct surfaces and coating the exterior duct surfaces with ThermalBlock™ coating compositions..

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Kindred can now maintain comfortable temperatures in the hospital during peak cooling times and have reduced their energy cost month over month.


The duct work in now insulated and sealed. This reduced air leaks and brought the temperature loss for 14°F to 3°F. Thus, allowing Kindred to maintain temperature in the building at peak cooling times and experiencing substantial energy savings. They will also provide better patient comfort and extend the life of their HVAC systems by removing peak load conditions.


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