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ThermalBlock™ coating compositions is a unique thermal radiant barrier applied to the exterior cabinets of HVAC systems. ThermalBlock™ coating compositions significantly reduces the thermal load brought on by solar exposure, especially experienced by rooftop-mounted equipment like rooftop package units, exposed duct work, and rooftop air handlers.

* or ThermalBlock by Coat Zone® coating compositions.

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The Challenge

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Exterior temperatures of your HVAC metal cabinet can soar to 180°F, even on moderate temperature days with full solar exposure. This quickly cranks up temperatures within the cabinet, and adds to the cooling load of your unit.

The result? A negative impact on unit run-time and life span, increasing instances of repair and corrosion, and premature capital expenditure.

Why Clients love ThermalBlock™ coating compositions

  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions allows on-site application to both new and existing HVAC systems
  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions delivers considerable reductions in unit run-time, energy consumption, and utility bills
  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions is a green energy-savings solution that reduces your company’s carbon footprint
  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions is a one-and-done solution that will extend the life of the unit far beyond standard use
  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions delivers rapid ROI on a minimal capital investment within 12-36 months

The Solution

ThermalBlock™ coating compositions shields you from rising energy consumption by protecting your HVAC systems from solar exposure, thus reducing the thermal load imposed on the unit.

When properly applied, ThermalBlock™ coating compositions blocks 95% of solar heat, instantly reducing the exterior temperature of your unit to within 10°F of the ambient air temperature, even on extremely hot days.

This produces substantial reductions in unit run-time, especially during peak demand hours, thus extending unit life, reducing maintenance and repairs, and reducing kilowatt per hour (kWh) consumption.

ThermalBlock™ coating compositions has gone through extensive testing by independent laboratories. You can access the test results here. With CoilSafe® coating compositions, you can easily expect rapid ROI within 12-36 months, but ROI within 9-18 months is not uncommon.